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Materials Center - Filter Media             Website: http://www.metal-organic-frameworks.eu/


You are looking for novel adsorbent materials for your air or gas filter? We offer you a vast array of materials for the adsorption of VOCs, ammonia, aldehydes, NOx, hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur compounds. We assist you in purifying breathing and room air as well as exhaust fumes from industry plants more effectively than ever before. Our range includes not only powdery filter media, but also pelletized adsorbents and complete filter media. We will be pleased to support you with your individual matter of gas purification.

Sulfur compounds

Our innovative H2S filter media SFM-1 and SFM-2 filter hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur compounds effectively in the ppm-range from your breathing or exhaust air. SFM-1 stores the impurities irreversibly under both dry and moist conditions. SFM-2 is especially developed for the purification of dry air and can even be regenerated.

Toxic industrial gases

The ammonia filters NFM-1 und NFM-2 filter NH3 from your gas flow in the ppm-range. Our NOFM-1 adsorbent was developed especially for the removal of nitrogen oxides.


The filter media AFM-1 is predestinated for the adsorption of short-chained aldehydes and is able to bind the gas irreversibly.

Prices for the following products are provided on request to materials.center@chemie.tu-dresden.de.

Name Adsorptive Capacity


hydrogen sulfide, H2S 115 g/kg


hydrogen sulfide, H2S 132 g/kg


ammonia, NH3 108 g/kg


ammonia, NH3 72 g/kg


nitrogen oxides, NOx 183 g/kg


aldehydes, R-CHO 25 g/kg






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